Adam Doench, knew at an early age that he wanted to be a filmmaker, so he studied and graduated from Ohio University, one of the Midwest’s premier schools for the communications arts. Now, as a seasoned filmmaker, he has been working in production and post production since 1996.  

Adam got his start at MTV and VH1 television working various production jobs. Working his way up to 1st Assistant Director. Adam broke away from corporate where he started working freelance on numerous television shows and films as a 1st AD. Such a job requires excellent organization and communication skills and a strong ability to deal with pressure. That is how much of Adam’s reputation was built, cool decision-making under fire. 

In just a few short years as a 1st AD, Adam became known as one of independent Hollywood’s more sought after talents. He has more than 20 feature film credits to his name as a 1st AD, as well as numerous TV shows, commercials and music videos. In 2009, Adam was inducted into the DGA (Directors Guild of America). In addition to being a 1st AD, Adam is also a seasoned editor who specializes in commercials and movie trailers. He has received dozens of awards for his editing work. Currently, Adam is running his production company, The Commercial Trailer House, where he produces and edits media for mass marketing. His company works are displayed and distributed around the world. Though his skills lead him in many directions in the industry, he always enjoys an opportunity to get in the trenches on a movie set as a 1st AD - along side a talented director, like Pieter Gaspersz, on the film After.

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