Pieter Gaspersz began in the film industry writing, directing, starring and producing student films. His talent was rewarded in 1998, when he received a scholarship to the university of his choice, for his work as lead editor and producer on “Youth Soccer of America” financed by the Mars Corporation.

Pieter completed his professional producer and directorial debut with “The Hypocritic Oath.” premiering at FOX studios to great acclaim. He recently completed the full-length feature film “After,” credited as Director and Producer. AFTER stars Kathleen Quinlan, John Doman, Pablo Schreiber, Sabrina Gennarino, Adam Scarimbolo, Diane Neal, Darrin Dewitt Henson and Mandy Gonzalez. Several more projects are currently under development, several of which, Pieter will direct.

Using his knowledge as a former investment broker, Pieter’s business sense has leveraged GGEE’s ability to access invaluable opportunities in the film industry.

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