If ever there was a story of an "X Games" athlete turned filmmaker, Jonathan Hall would be it. Hailing from the sunny central coast of California Jonathan began his love for the camera at the young age of 14, filming friends and fellow team-riders for sponsors and promoters. What started as a hobby soon fueled into a fiery passion.
At 18, Jonathan was early accepted to the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography after submitting his work portfolio. Throughout school Jonathan made his way onto the camera teams of some of Hollywood’s legends. With this experience Hall was able to jump directly into feature work as a cinematographer at the age of 20. The years to follow only proved his passion for visual storytelling.

Because of his passion and desire to push boundaries Jonathan has been asked to test and share his impute for many industry products including Kodak Film, RED Cameras, Fuji Film, Sony Cameras, and Baselight Grading System. Hall’s working knowledge and informed interest allow him to keep sharp in advanced cinema technologies in both 2D and 3D digital systems.

Jonathan’s past work proves his knowledge and creative drive. “I am always looking for passionate and dedicated filmmakers to team up with. It’s the passion people bring with them, that alone makes this the best job in the world”- Jonathan Hall.
Jonathan's credits include, "AVATAR," "Give 'em Hell, Maloney," "Kerosene Cowboys," "Larry Crowne," and "After."
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